Harry Targ, Challenging Late Capitalism, Neo-Liberal Globalization and Militarism: Building a Progressive Majority, ChangeMaker Books,, 2006. a discussion of neoliberal globalization and militarism.

Harry Targ, Cuba and the USA: A New World Order? 1992.

Harry Targ, Strategy of an Empire in Decline: Cold War II, 1986.

Harry Targ, a “blog” with weekly essays on foreign and domestic policy.

Bacevich, Andrew, The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism, 2008. a former military man critiquing the “semi-war” policies of the United States.

Bluestone, Barry and Bennett Harrison, The Deindustrialization of America, New York, 1982. an early data-based account of the flight of jobs from the United States.

Chomsky, Noam, American Power and the New Mandarins, 1969. the first of many books on United States foreign policy. This one critiques the use of academics and journalists to rationalize US imperial policies. Any number of his books are valuable for learning about the US role in the world.

Foster, John Bellamy, Naked Imperialism, 2006. a very useful collection of essays on militarism, imperialism and war. These essays appeared in the monthly magazine called Monthly Review, which is very good.

Gurtov, Melvin, Superpower on Crusade: The Bush Doctrine in US Foreign Policy, 2006. a good critical discussion of Bush foreign policy linking it to the Reagan agenda.

Harvey, David, The New Imperialism, 2003. a good short discussion of the subject from a Marxist geographer.

Harvey, David. A Brief History of Neoliberalism. 2005. a nice short discussion of neoliberal economic policies.

Johnson, Chalmers, Blowback: Costs and Consequences of American Empire, 2004.

Johnson, Chalmers, Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic,2008.

Johnson, Chalmers, The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic, 2004. These three volumes provide updated information about US militarism-bases, troops, funding- and an analysis of imperial policies. Invaluable.

Klein, Naomi, The Shock Doctrine, 2008. about how the US empire uses crisis to advance the interests of capitalism on the world stage.

Kolko, Gabriel, The Politics of War, 1968. a big fat book that describes US imperial designs as World War II is coming to an end.

Kolko, Joyce and Gabriel, The Limits of Power: The World and United States Foreign Policy, 1945-54, 1972. another huge book that describes in detail the development of the US cold war policy that dominated the world for years.

No-Nonsense Guide to Globalization. Verso books. Verso publishes a variety of these small and information packed books on globalization, on class, on world poverty, and a variety of other international subjects. Check out several of these “no-nonsense guides.”

Parenti, Michael, Blackshirts and Reds, 1997. Another prolific Marxist, a political scientist, who writes about a variety to subjects from foreign policy to Marxist theory, to anti-communism, to popular culture.

Petras, James and Henry Veltmeyer, Globalization Unmasked, 2001. Another prolific writer who has published books on Latin America and foreign policy.

Williams, William Appleman, The Tragedy of American Diplomacy, 1972. a classic analysis of US imperialism

For starters I would recommend reading Chalmers Johnson, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, and John Bellamy Foster. I have found the recent books by Kevin Phillips, former aid to Richard Nixon, very useful, particularly his recent book, Bad Money. There are a variety of good web sites that present useful foreign policy analyses. These include, Common Dreams, Alternet,, Foreign Policy in Focus, and a great source of economic information, the Economic Policy Institute.