Speaker Schedule 2014-2015

Dec 6, 2014
Film: The Other Son -- Discussion to follow
Dec 13
Mike Coleman, Local Democratic Party Leader in South Florida
Jan 3
Leonore Tiefer, NYU Educator, Therapist, Author
Sex is more like dancing than digestion: The medicalization of sexuality
Jan 10
Brian Jones, Educator, Actor, Social Justice Activist
The radical legacy of the civil rights movement
Jan 17
Ronelle Delmont, Lecturer, FIU and FAU
World of our parents: The immigrant story of the Lower East Side
Jan 24
Alice Rothchild, Activist, Author, Physician
The Israel/Palestine conflict
Jan 31
Medea Benjamin, Human Rights Activist, Co- founder of Code Pink and Global Exchange
How creative activism leads to change: Examples from the street
Feb 7
Mark Solomon, Professor, Simmons College
Is the USA inching toward fascism at home?
Feb 14
Mark Solomon, Professor, Simmons College.
U.S. Imperialism around the world
Feb 21
Jeffrey Nall, Professor, Florida Atlantic U.
The facts of fast-food life: Having it OUR way at THEIR expense
Feb 28
Leonard Berry, Florida Atlantic University
Florida's vulnnerability to sea level rise: Adaptation plans ans responses
Mar 7
Nahal Zamani and Meejin Richart
Community Protest, Organizing and Advocacy from Eric Garner to Mike Brown
Mar 14
Deepa Kumar, Professor, Rutgers University
Manufacturing the terrorist threat: From the 1970s to the War on Terror
Mar 21
Amy Carol Webb, Composer, Performer
Songs of the people
Mar 28
Bagel Party