Speaker Schedule 2014-2014

Dec 7, 2013
Film: Chasing Ice
Dec 14, 2013
Matt Pillischer, Film Maker
The New Jim Crow
Jan 4, 2014
Tom Baumann, Activist.
The Cuban Revolution in the World Today
Jan 11, 2014
Robert Dreyfuss, Journalist.
Iran, Israel, and the Middle East
Jan 18, 2014
Louise Leger, Consul General of Canada in Miami.
Health Care Delivery in Canada
Jan 25, 2014
Ray McGovern, Retired CIA
Why the U.S. Never Learns
Feb 1, 2014
John Beverley, Professor, University of Pittsburgh.
Is Socialism Still Possible? Lessons from Latin America
Feb 8, 2014
Mark Solomon, Professor, Simmons College.
Future of the American Left
Feb 15, 2014
Mark Solomon, Professor, Simmons
Selected Topics From Audience
Feb 22, 2014
Jules Lobel, Professor, University of Pittsburgh Law School
The Supreme Court and Citizens United
Mar 1, 2014
Shayana Kadidal, Attorney, Center for Constitutional Rights
A Question of Justice: Chelsea Manning, WikiLeaks, and Guantanamo
Mar 8, 2014
Judith LeBlanc, Peace Action.
From Weapons to Jobs
Mar 15, 2014
Giovanna Chesler, Associate Professor of Comunications, George Mason University.
Out in the Night-The New Jersey Four
March 22, 2014
Rod Macdonald, Singer/Songwriter.
Songs of Freedom
March 29, 2014